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Kei works for a corporation that secretly deals with supernatural events under the guise of a convenience store chain. When a routine visit to an isolated franchise leads to Kei murdering the owner, he has no choice but to recruit the only witness——a temporary store worker named Suzu.

It isn’t only because the company wants a more ethical approach to handling witnesses. A quick background check on Suzu shows she might be a government-protected entity, and Kei needs to know why.

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Ninomae Kanagawa Prefecture

Recruitment & Care Department

Ninomae’s Kanagawa branch oversees all 53 Waiki Mart stores in the prefecture. It also manages all of Ninomae’s “partners” in the area, making sure they stay hydrated with Waiki Mart’s premium water to suppress supernatural manifestations.

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Ninomae Kanagawa

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